London escorts on how to control your temper


I know that we are not always perfect human being and it is very easy to lose your rag sometimes. Let’s face it, there are so many things to get stressed over these days. The other day I was on my way to work at London escorts when I guy stole my seat on the Tube. I was about to sit down when he more or less pushed me out of the way. It was terrible and I could have so easily have lost my rag with him. But no, I counted to ten and kept my cool. It was not the easiest thing to do but I did it.

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It is far easier to control your temper if you are happy in your life. Still there are lots of things that can easily upset once you start looking around. I find that a lot of people are very rude these days and there is no need to be like that. Rude people certainly upset me and can make me very angry. When I am outside of London escorts, I often expect a little bit of service and care. That is not very easy these days and even super market checkout girls seem to be a bit rude and not so respectful. Instead of being rude back, I take the high road and just smile at them. It is my way of controlling my temper.



When I was younger, I did have a lot of temper issues but I have managed to learn how to control them. Of course, you can go to counselling and stuff like that but I have not bothered with any of it. One of the best way to control your temper is to get frequent exercise. That is certainly very important if you have a very stressful job. I am not say that working for London escorts is really stressful but like all other jobs it can have its moments. As I exercise a lot, I think that I cope with stress better. At this stage in my life. I feel a lot calmer and I am sure that helps when it comes to controlling my temper.


Eating well can help as well. One of the girls here at London escorts said that she used to get really agitated after eating certain meals sometimes. When we started to talk about, it was clear that she ate too much junk food. I know that junk food is full of stuff which is not good for us and can trigger certain episodes. When my friend started to debunk her diet, she started to feel a lot calmer and I think that even out her temper. Now she is less likely to lose her temper.


Yoga is an exercise that can help all of us a lot. It calms us down and helps to slow down our thinking. Most of the girls here at London do it to keep fit. I use yoga to keep myself fit as well but I also use it as a relaxation exercise. Once you learn yoga breathing you will find it can really help to slow things down for you. One of the exercises that you do in yoga is to listen to your own breath as you exercise. That can be a really relaxing feeling and make you feel good about yourself. I do that when I stand in line waiting to be served. Keeping your temper in long lines is not that easy, and yoga breathing can certainly help you out when it comes to controlling your temper.


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