Could he be a London bad boy?

During my career with London escorts, I have met all sorts of different guys. Some of them have been really nice, and some of them have been real London bad boys. When I first joined London escorts, I could not really tell who was a bad boy and who was not, but during my time with the agency, you can say that I have learned a lot. Now I am more than familiar with bad boys and good boys here in London.

The first thing that you will notice about the average bad boy that you meet at London escorts, is that he likes to flash the cash. He tells you all about how much money that he has got, and brags about dating the hottest London escorts. Not only that, but London bad boys always seem to be involved in the car trade in London somehow. They may own a car dealership in the East End of London, or a MOT station. I had one guy trying to sell me a MOT failure when I said that I needed a car.

The good guys that you meet at London escorts, do not normally flash the cash at all. Instead they are kind of quiet and may not actually talk about themselves a lot. But when you look a little bit closer, you soon appreciate that they are wealthy . London bad boys may buy their suits at Burtons, but the good guys normally turn up in tailor made suits from Savile Row in London. If they do date other London escorts, they never talk about them and normally they are very discreet. But, they do like to surprise you, and I have had some nice presents from the good guys, or good boys as I like to call them.

Which type of guy do I prefer? I like to date all of the guys that I meet at London escorts. The London bad boys make me laugh and I have to admit that they are fun to be with. They take you out on all sorts of strange dates, and you may even end up having your hair done while they “talk business” to one of their mates. Needless to say, they are happy to pay for the hairdresser. It is just that sort of thing the average East End lad would do for his “missus” I guess, and it is meant in a very nice way.

The good guys may take you out on dates which are what I call more cultured. One of the girls who recently joined our London escorts service, seem to attract good guys by the ton. She is always going to posh restaurants and the opera. I like doing that as well, but it is nice with a bit of a mix as I like to say. Both bad guys and good guys can have hearts of gold, but it does not matter what you say. There is something special about London bad boys and their loves like bdsm. I think that they have a particular kind of charm. It could be the accent, or could it just be that they are real mummy’s boys at heart. I think can just imagine my London bad boys sitting around having Sunday dinner with their families enjoy a bottle of “plonk” from Waitrose.

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