I booked a petite escort to spend Christmas with me



Christmas is a yearly celebration of Christians, in their beliefs its time to rejoice because Jesus is born. Every Christmas we look forward to spending it with our loved ones, family, or friends. Its a season of forgiveness and be jolly. Its a time for experienced to enjoy, people are very busy buying foods for the big day, giving cards or exchanging gifts. December is the most awaited month of the year, people got long leaves and had time to relax. When I was a kid, I always for December since everyone is happy and I have gifts to receive. I love opening presents and the sound of the Christmas song, the sounds are pleasant to hear. You will smell roast pig and turkey. My favorites are spaghetti, aside from that is delicious they said it is a long life, but I think it is only acceptable during birthdays. Anyway, my family used to celebrate Christmas, before the Christmas mom is very busy having groceries and packing gifts. I get excited because dad is coming home. He works as a US Navy and once a year he can have his leave. I am waiting to have a complete family and took a picture. We love to wear red on that day, even our underwear and socks are red too. My grandparents usually visit us; they bought foods and gifts for us. But things changed, my parents got divorced because dad cheated mom, and that was the biggest mistake he did. No matter how many times he asked for forgiveness, it is not acceptable anymore. After that, we never celebrated Christmas again, every year, it’s like a regular day to us, mom closes the window, and she hates to hear Christmas music and fireworks. We don’t even have dinner together, she became bitter, and it affects us. I promise myself that someday if I can support myself, I will always spend Christmas.


I have to study hard, so I have finished my school. After graduation, I have searched for work near us, but I got no opportunity here. I have tried to apply at London and hoped to get a response. For the primary time, I have spent my time with my mother, but she refuses to have an outing, and it only takes her time and put into waste. After their divorce, she doesn’t have a social life at all. Weeks passed I got a response from a company I have applied, and I am ready to go for an interview. I flew to London and rent a house there. After the interview, I was hired right away. I enjoy the work and have good colleagues. I have been good at the company, and so I have promoted after six months. Christmas is coming; I have called mom if she is interested to go with me and celebrate Christmas but she refuses to it. I bought many foods and decorated my house with Christmas decorations. I feel happy doing it, and I think young. And so I decided to book a petite escort from¬†https://charlotteaction.org/petite-escorts to celebrate with me. I also have wrapped gifts for both of us, and we enjoy the night so much.

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