The holiday proposal

I have been dating this guy at London escorts for about two years now. We have become pretty close and I always felt that I have known him pretty well. Some gents like to spoil you rotten and this is one of these guys. He had seemed to really like me from the word go and I guess that I felt very much the same way about him. During the last year, we have even been on holiday together twice.

This Monday he turned up at my London escorts boudoir with yet another holiday brochure. He has known for some time that I have this thing about travelling to Japan, and that I have always wanted to travel there. As a matter of fact, we both like to travel and Japan has been one of those places we dreamed about together. This time there seemed to be something different about his holiday proposal. He sat me down and asked if I wanted to make it a special holiday. I was not sure what he meant. He slowly explained to me that he wanted to marry me.

I could not believe what I was hearing and I noticed that he picked up on me being a bit surprised. It was a bit like I found myself in a lovely dream at the moment, and all I could say to him was that I could not see that one coming. With that, he smiled and produced the most beautiful diamond ring and that was me in tears. I was already madly in love with this guy but had not been able to tell him how I felt about him, but the truth is that I always look forward to our dates at London escorts. Did I ask if I could think about his marriage proposal? In all honesty I was overwhelmed and mumbled yes please.

The rest of the day at London escorts I walked around as in a haze. I felt that I was not really with it. Soon I realized that were a lot of practical details that needed to be sorted out. Should I stay with London escorts or leave? Where was I going to be living and was this a sincere proposal? We had agreed to meet later for dinner and I even started to write down questions in order to keep my mind that little bit more focused.

When we met later that evening, my head was still spinning but I did manage to get myself together. I just had to ask him about our life together and what he expected from me. It sounded that he did not expect too much. Keep me company he said in the most casual way. Yes, he wanted to me to leave London escort services but he promised to take care of me. Now that was several months ago, and a couple of days ago, we returned from our honey moon in Japan. It feels a bit strange but I think that I could get used to my new lifestyle and enjoy being a lady of leisure for a while.

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